The team behind LeagiON

Alex Diner


Serial entrepreneur and, originally, a Wall Street professional, he joined LeagiON as Chief Executive Officer after running an innovative sharing economy startup, which employed smart lock systems and simplified P2P home and car sharing well before Holds BS and MBA in Finance degrees.

Boris Dainson


Full stack developer with decades of experience coding and managing teams for several major financial institutions in New York, architecting and developing systems for portfolio optimization, natural language processing of data in traders’ feeds, pricing of fixed income and equity instruments, pricing of complex structured securities products. Holds PhD in Engineering.

Brett Nasello


Former Senior Finance Manager at a leading software and services company, providing trading and investment management systems to buy side and sell side clients in the financial services sector. Holds BS in Accounting and MBA in Finance.

leagiON Engineers

We are very fortunate to have Lemeberg Solutions as our technical partner. This dedicated team of seasoned professionals has a number of successful launches under their belts.