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Games currently supported:

FIFA22 One via XBOX


The most secure and convenient way for gamers to initiate a friendly one on one wager with peers.

We secure players’ funds, monitor the gaming environment to determine the final score, and execute settlement immediately after the game.

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SPORT1 is Germany’s largest digital sports channel. They are one of the pioneers in bringing esports to mass media. SPORT1 is one of our earliest investors.

The Adi Dassler family and their circle of trusted investors and mentors. One of the biggest names in the sports tech space.

Blackstone Law Group has emerged as a leader with regard to blockchain technologies, and the launch, use, and regulation of cryptocurrencies in the United States and abroad.

Lemberg Solutions has been our technical consulting and engineering partner from very early on. Their core competencies in machine learning and AI technology played a key role in developing our innovative solution.